Open Call / Festival 2019

Sanni Seppo, 2018. Womens march.


The 4th Festival of Political Photography will take place in February 2019 under the theme of “Potentiality” (working title). We are now looking for three photographers, photographic artists or photo journalists based in Finland to work on topics related to the theme.

Under the theme “Potentiality”, Festival of Political Photography 2019 explores the possibilities and potential of individuals and communities to change the existing conditions without resorting to traditional ways of change-making. Democratic societies have not been able to guarantee that authorities and politicians act according to the will of the citizens and improve equality. The collapse of traditional authorities has made way for increased civic activity and civil disobedience. People create communities to search for new options and better alternatives to act according to their own sense of justice even if that means breaking the law.

Festival of Political Photography will employ three photographers or artists to work on photo-based series that will be exhibited as part of the festival. We are looking for projects dealing with individuals and/or self-organized groups acting for a better future, or projects that are linked to notions of ethical and fairer ways of living, for instance. We are also interested in long-term projects that are already in process, so we can offer the opportunity to focus and deepen the subject.

The work will be done during 2018. The grant includes compensation for 1–3 months of work depending on the project. In addition to the working grant, travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed for the selected photographers. A proposal can be made by a Finnish photographer or a photojournalist or a photographer that is based in Finland.

Please send the proposal to: at the latest by 25th February 2018.

The proposal must include
-Project concept and description, max. 3 pages.
-The working plan of the project including the schedule and location.
-The applicant’s / applicants’ CV and portfolio as PDF files

The selection will be done by the Festival of Political Photography team.

For more information:

Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger
Artistic co-director, Festival of Political Photography
tel. +358 41 514 1991