Thank you for the first year!

The first Festival of Political Photography attracted audiences interested in politically conscious photography to exhibitions and discussions.

The photographic series at the festival’s main exhibition at the Finnish Museum of Photography examined for example the position of women, children and sexual minorities through the concept of generation or generations. The photographic series exhibited at the ”To the Third Generation” exhibition highlighted the cultural, social and environmental practices that are either inherited from one generation to another, or which are radically questioned by the next generation. Afghan Farzana Wahidy’s photographs highlighted the contradictory role of women in her home country, Meeri Koutaniemi’s photo series on the female genital mutilation showed the efforts to break the violent tradition inherited from older generations. Tuomas Linna’s photos of the objects seized from the children in foster care made one to stop and think about the inheritance of poverty and social problems.

These themes were also discussed during the festival’s discussion events and artist talks, where the photographers discussed their motives and working methods.

The next main exhibition of the festival opens to the public in February 2016. PVF also organizes participatory activities around the year that we will tell more about on the website and on the festival’s Facebook page. We welcome feedback on the first festival and we will be happy to hear wishes for the upcoming festivals. Contact: Producer Ulla Jaakkola, / +358 50 3670801

A warm thank you to the public and to the festival photographers, Finnish Museum of Photography, Kone Foundation and the Finnish Cultural Foundation who made the first Festival of Political Photography possible!