Henk Wildchut

Henk Wildchut


Henk Wildschut has, in his series of photographs Food (2011–2013), documented Dutch food production facilities. He is trying to understand the realities of the modern food industry.

Originally when planning the series, Wildschut wanted to shed light on the dark side of the food industry. The reality, however, was not black and white. According to the photographic artist, technologically advanced, intensive food production can, at its best, lead to energy savings, better control, and improvements in the well-being of animals in the food industry.

In his series, Wildschut focused especially on production facilities that have taken advantage of the latest technological innovations to solve problems in food production. Wildschut wants to steer clear of romanticising or demonising topics related to the food industry, because he feels that the polarised debate may constitute an obstacle to discovering vital new solutions.

Henk Wildschut (born 1967) is a Dutch photographic artist living in Amsterdam.

Henk Wildschut’s works are exhibited at the Finnish Museum of Photography as part of the Post-Food exhibition. The exhibition is open 3.2.-29.4.2017
Exhibition opening on Thursday 2nd February 2017, 6-8 pm

  • Photo: Henk Wildchut / Maatschap Stroo, Slootdorp, July 2012 Feaces. After three weeks in the Patio module the chicks – now a full 700 grams – are carried by conveyor belt to the ‘ground floor’, where within three weeks they will grow to 2.5 kilos. After each cycle, the two levels are washed and disinfected. Once the manure is removed, the whole is cleaned with a detergent and later thoroughly disinfected with a sprinkler. The process of cleaning takes three days for the Patio module and two days for the ground floor