Against the silence with photography

Against the silence with photography

The next main exhibition of the Festival of Political Photography will continue to explore the theme of influecing with photography. We will, among other things, concentrate on the situation of the Sahrawi living in refugee camps in Algeria, a situation that is unknown for many Finns. Making problems visible is part of the solution.


Can a photograph be a peaceful weapon for the young people, whose patience is wearing thin because of waiting and hopeless future?

Olof Palme School in the sahrawi refugee camp in Algeria is a vocational school for young women. Sand penetrates every corner of the classroom and blackouts stop the work constantly, putting the students’ patience to the test. But their desire to learn and create is clear. In the workshop organized by PVF, the students learned the basics of photographic expression, and also created a short documentary film about the Olof Palme school.

The cameras for the workshop were donated by Canon.


  • Photo: Sanni Seppo