Pekka Elomaa and the Lyhty Workshop:
James Bond Nieminen and Other Portraits

The series of works by the Lyhty photography workshop participants draws on the shared passion of the creators for James Bond films. The Lyhty photography workshops set out from the starting points of the participants. The important thing is to work as a team. The images created in the workshops help strangers to meet each other, and give a voice to people for whom speech may not always be the most fluent form of expression. Pekka Elomaa has worked as a volunteer workshop instructor for almost 20 years.

At long last, there is a wider debate in Finland about the rights of people with intellectual disabilities, the importance of accessibility, and a critique of ableism (discrimination in favour of able-bodied people). Finland has been among the last countries in Europe to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities. Finland did not ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which guarantees full human rights for people with disabilities, until 2016. The convention is still not implemented everywhere. Often, people with intellectual disabilities are confined to routine-filled lives at institutions. The Lyhty association wants to show that there are other activities that they can engage in.

Instructors of the photography workshop: Photographers Pekka Elomaa and Miska Reimaluoto
Photography workshop participants:
Kristian Barck, Valtteri Kleemola, Jaakko Nieminen, Tanya Palmgren and Jarmo Tähtinen
Video editing:
Otto Jahnukainen


PVF 2019
The Finnish Museum of Photography