The Post-Food exhibition of The Festival of Political Photography includes a series of food-themed YouTube videos, curated by video journalist Jaakko Keso with Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger and Laura Porola.

Youtube videos by: Amppurulaa, Dahn Kim, Helka H., Huupper, Juuso Simpanen Ⓥ, Kontulan Hassan, Laura Pehkuri, markoboy87, Pasi Viheraho, PS olen vegaani, Ruben A. Kosberg, Saara-Sofia Sirén, Soikkuu, Timo Wilderness, Tume

Jaakko Keso tells about his findings:

One of my favorites is a video titled ’Kasvissyönti ei kannata’ (Vegetarianism is not worth it). In the blurry clip, a long-haired heavy metal dude is sitting in a dark room, eating a carrot and apparently chokes on it and dies. Then, with the help of the fade effect tool of an editing software, the man transforms into a ghost, picks up a sausage, rolls a cigarette, and snorts at the apparent healthiness of vegetables. I am the 315th viewer.

The video is an excellent example of the confusing abundance of material found on YouTube, that often begs the question – why? I guess there are as many answers as there are videos, and I think that it is fascinating. All of the people making the videos have a need to be heard, to express themselves and to take a stand.

This series is edited to include only a microscopic sampling of the extent of the Finnish YouTube scene, from bodybuilding tips, sampling catfood, politics to video art.


PVF 2017
The Finnish Museum of Photograph