Laura Cuch: Spiritual Flavours

The film Spiritual Flavours (2016) interweaves biographical narratives and spiritual accounts from three Londoners: Betty, Aziz and Ossie with the experiences of cooking in their homes. They are members of a Catholic church, a mosque and a liberal synagogue, respectively. The chosen recipes thread the narratives of past, present and future aspirations, spirituality and the everyday. The commonalities and differences between them are expressed through visual and sonic synchronies and asynchronies. At the end of the film, Betty, Aziz and Ossie meet, cook and eat together.

This film is part of a collaborative arts project with members of seven different faith communities in the areas of Ealing and Hanwell in West London, who contribute recipes that they relate to their spirituality and religious practices. Through interviews and cooking sessions, the project pays attention to food, as a vehicle to discuss spirituality, tradition and the relationship between home and religion.

In addition to the film, this exhibition provides a foretaste of a ‘multi-faith’ photographic cookbook that Laura Cuch is currently working on, as part of the Spiritual Flavours project.

The recipes for the dishes made by Betty, Aziz and Ossie, can be found at spiritualflavours.com

Laura Cuch (born 1979 in Spain) is a photographic artist based in London.

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Spriritual Flavours &
Non-Egyptian Restaurant

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