Womens’ workshop at Kemiönsaari


In April eight women living in Kemiönsaari began the artworkshop led by Marjo Levlin, with the purpose of discovering ways of interpreting the meaning of places and personal stories that are attached to them.

Against the silence with photography


Olof Palme School in the sahrawi refugee camp in Algeria is a vocational school for young women. Sand penetrates every corner of the classroom and blackouts stop the work constantly, putting the students’ patience to the test. But their desire to learn and create is clear. In the workshop organized by The Festival of Political Photography, the students learned the basics of photographic expression, and also created a short documentary film about the Olof Palme school.



At the beginning of 2015, Festival of Political Photography launched the Ekofoto project, which explores opportunities to produce and display photographs in a more eco-friendly manner. That year, a study was carried out on the environmental impact and carbon footprint of alternative mounting materials and types of printing paper. In addition, a Facebook-based discussion channel was established to stimulate dialogue surrounding the topic and develop the work further. The Ekofoto project's research efforts will continue. Simultaneously, the festival strives to offer a concrete example more generally of an environment-friendly way to realise photographic exhibitions. It takes into account the carbon footprint of transporting the artwork, utilises advances in ecologically sound printing materials, and exhibits the photographic works unmounted.

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︎ Download Paula Humberg's Ekofoto report (in Finnish)