Background Image:© Francesca Todde / Contrasto from the series A Sensitive Education
Background Image:© Francesca Todde / Contrasto from the series A Sensitive Education

Under Threat Working Group: Under Threat, 2021

The activeness, mastery of species knowledge and meticulous observations of Finnish birdwatchers have always made a significant contribution to ornithology. Under Threat consists of photos collected for this work from birders. The work showcases all of the 121 Finnish birds classified as threatened.

The 2019 Red List of Finnish Species provides the most recent assessment of the conservation status of Finnish bird species and classifies them under Least Concern (LC), Near Threatened (NT), Vulnerable (VU), Endangered (EN), Critically Endangered (CR) or Regionally Extinct (RE). Only half (49.2%) of the birds nesting in Finland are assessed as being of Least Concern. The clearing of wetlands, destruction of mires through drainage and peat extraction, intensive forestry, disappearance of primeval forests and changes to agricultural habitats are the biggest causes for the decline in bird species.

With the popularity of bird photography on the rise, it is also important to consider the ethics involved. A responsible photographer will not cause disturbance to birds. The starting point for Under Threat is photography that treats birds with respect. The work also pays homage to the birders whose contribution to inventories of species has been crucial.

Artistic design:
Sanni Seppo

Coordination and graphic design:
Riina Pippuri

Timo Ahosalmi, Hannu Eskonen, Anssi Hauvala, Johanna Inomaa, Anne Kaihola, Juha Koponen, Jari Kostet, Timo Mäkinen, Arto Oksanen, Mikko Pyhälä, Henrik Rantanen, Pirkko Roinila, Olli Saksela, Ari Seppä, Jari Seppälä, Tapio Solonen, Jorma Tenovuo, Sven Walter & Staffan Weckman.

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